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Winds of Change – Managing the Crisis

Change Management for High-Tech Enerprises and Technical Industry

Dr. Margit Sarstedt


Dr. Margit Sarstedt, Physicist

General Manager, Professional Agile Leader

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The winds of change are blowing hard in our direction, 

we can't go back and we can't stand still ... 

(Mike Batt, Album Waves / Six Days in Berlin)


Right now it is important to introduce the necessary changes in the company in a positive way, to use the crisis as an opportunity, to re-think internal organizational structures and processes, to re-establish business relationships, to give all those involved – entrepreneurs and employees – a new future , in short: to reinvent yourself as a company.


As an expert, consultant and interim manager for the design and implementation of operational restructuring and expansion, I support your company in the difficult times of change and restart. Based on my many years of experience in managing difficult situations in industrial companies, I bring the necessary change to a quick and secure success.


Success factors: valuable employee involvement, correctly understood agility of the organization and appropriate digitalization of the processes are the prerequisites for a successful change into the future. With verigon consult, I stand for true and sustainable success through a holistic view of the situation and through reality-based goal setting.

Change Management

To shape the change requires

commitment and it requires allowing

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Restructuring and Reorganizaton

Whether start-up or growth,

result optimization or turn-around,

with my expertise

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(Re-)Structuring situations.

High-tech and Technical Industry

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