My Approach for Turn-around

Change Projects effectiv and lasting

Turn-around, Restructuring, Build-up



The machinery of the operational processes has to run!


Skillful navigation in the storm of the markets, dedicated product development, and a firm down-to-earth approach on the factory floor are required. 


Revenue and profit can only be realized with an excellent working state of the core functions (development, operation, sales) with an optmimally interlocked periphery. Structural layout and work processes within the company will decide on business success.


I assure that the links between all sections are performing ...


... and will steer and realize this shift of gears for you:

Change Management in Practice

I will steer and realize the shift of gears for you!


      I ensure that communication at the interfaces is to the point.


■      I involve myself, want to know and understand what my employees are doing in their work.


■      I give opportunities for responsibility and expect accountability in return.


■      I assure that business processes are not just written but are daily common practice.


■      I throw useless methods over board, even if they are currently stylish.


What is the lubricant in the wheelwork of the company?

People, Business Processes, Digitalization

It is the business processes which create the rules and regulations for the interfaces within the wheelwork. And with increasing digitalization we increasingly need to consider the digital interfaces as well.

But with all digitalization of business processes, it should not be forgotten that these are still human defined work-flows. Because work is always social interaction.

Therefore I search for, and I find, the right twist for everyone. I carefully match personalities and tasks. People must know what they are doing, and why they are doing it, and what the other players do. Without this linkage there is no product, no sales, no revenue. My task is not to resolve all problems by myself. My task is to enable the company managers and teams to resolve the problems. That way I pass on what I have learned in the course of my professional career – and I have earned from the best.

A Scheme for Interim Management and Consulting

Change Management, Restructuring, Turn-around



i.    After preliminary talks between us, I will go into your critical situation.


ii.   There, I will observe the given context, precisely and in its full complexity.


iii.  First conclusion on the time available: how far until hitting rock bottom?


iv.  Then follow talks on all levels, investigations, understanding, and conclusions.


v.   Within very view weeks, a concrete action plan will emerge.



vi.  Now it is upon you to decide: shall the proposed action plan commence?

      As interim manager or consultant, I will be available for you!

"Once you have missed


the first buttonhole, you'll


never manage to button up."



Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

1749 - 1832