My unique Standpoint

Key Statements on Change Management

With verigon consult I stand for

true and sustainable success through honest committment to the goals,

balance between strategic vision and operational implementation,

the conscious use of classical values in felixible-agile management,

as well as a holistic approach.

Consideration for Change and Turn-around Management


Management requires courage. Decisions require energy, stamina and persistence. This is especially true in times of restructuring and change. And in the end it is the firm commitment to change that will determine the success of the chosen path.


It is my role to actively frame your company’s change process as Interim Manager by appropriate analysis of the situation, and by the formulation of good strategies and action plans. While taking over CEO, COO or CRO responsibility, I will implement these changes to the betterment of your company. Or I might accompany you as a consultant, supporting you in your endeavor with my knowledge and experience.


It remains your role to approve and foster the commitment to change with great consistency since only a truthful approach to change will result in really resolving the problems

Stormy Times in the Company


Each need for change – large or small, affecting the whole organization or parts of it – is triggered by an event, revealing a critical development. Lots of energy is then dedicated towards change.


In my experience, isolated actions and diverging activities of individuals then often occur. Adding some external influences like market development, internal unease can arise. And then word can also reach external stakeholders. In short: you are facing stormy times. A fresh and outside view will be of benefit.


After taking over a new interim mandate, I often encounter a complex mix of facts, opinions, and believes. Involving myselve, I see with my own eyes. Soon the situation reveals itself. New angles of view occur. Now it is possible to define new strategic goals and to carefully navigate through the full complexity of technical, commercial, and interpersonal aspects.

Authentic Business Navigation - as Manager and Interim Manager


For me it is therefore crucial to discern the real substance, then reduce the seeming complexity. I create a clear change concept, which I align with yourself and relevant stakeholders. And if the focus of the changes should be in customer strategy, market topics, service and support, production work-flow and logistics, in the product itself, or in all of the above, will depend on each specific situation.


Always, one of my primary starting points is the match of the right person to the right task. Because the employees are carrying the workload. Economically, the herein invested time and energy is more than worthwhile. Work satisfaction goes up, the social system and thus the constructive collaboration at the workplace is strengthened. This leads to an increase in effectiveness and efficiency.


Usually there are also operational topics which require urgent solutions. For these I will take the operational lead without loosing sight of the strategic goals. Simultaneously looking into the distance and into the proximity, applying a kind of variable-focus into the future, forms the basis for my business navigation.