Background - technical operational international

Functional Spectrum

(long-term & ad interim):

CEO - Managing Director

COO - Operations Manager

CTO - Head of Technology

CRO - Restruturing Manager

PRM - Project Manager

>>   25 years of experience in Manufacturing Industry


>>   Primarily in High-Tech arena


>>   Volume Production and Equipment Manufacturing


>>   Leadership positions in Corporate World and SMEs 


>>   Reorganization and Change Management


>>   Longterm assignments Home and Abroad

Dr. Margit Sarstedt, Physicist

My skills at a glance

Executive Management


Strategic Management

International Management

Operations & Manufacturing Logisitcs

Corporate Organization Theory

Bus. Admin. & Shareholder Value

Project Management


Digitalisation and Processes

Factory Integration │ Industry 4.0

Equipment Project Business

Multi Project Management │ Matrix

Prince2 │ Scrum  PSM I PSM II PSPO I │ Agile  PAL I

Management & Leadership


Siemens Leadership Training

Innovation as Leaders' Responsibility

Lean Production and Agile Methods

Personell Management and Change

Practitioner, DVNLP

Roots in Applied Physics


Ion Beam Accelerator Technology

Plasma Applications

High Vacuum / High Voltage Facilities

Nanotechnology, Surface Modification

Semiconductor Lithography

My Professional Training

In my studies and PhD in Applied Physics at Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, I was involved in the construction of special equipment for industrial applications. My first professional experience came in an international corporation with cross-site coordination and digital process integration of high volume production.

These formative years were accompanied by numerous courses on production logistics and process technology, and I got to know different Lean methods. In advanced studies at the Swiss Educatis distance-learning university I added business administration, organizational theory, strategic management, and personnel management.

Accompanying all this I had extensive practical training in change management, team building methods, innovation and creativity techniques, and training in employee development and individual coaching. And I completed various training courses in agile management and built up extensive practical experience in Germany and abroad.

Spectrum of Experience

Restructuring, Set-up of Organizations, Site Relocation

  • Change- and Turn-Around Management in challangeing situations
  • Company development: from start-up to growth
  • Post-merger integration and merging of different company units
  • Management of close-down, relocation, re-start, and production ramp-up

Business Set-up and Stabilization

  • Customer strategy, management level networking, contract negotiations
  • Winning back customers and lasting customer management
  • Definition and set-up of international sales and service structures
  • International, cross-functional, and cross-site project management

Industries and Countries

  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), corporate structures, global players
  • Volume producers (commodity and production to order)
  • Special equipment manufacturing for the producing industry
  • Management experience in Asia, in Europe, and in the USA

Leadership and Organizational Development

  • Production optimization, organizational structures and workflows
  • Digital factory integration, process automation, interface optimization
  • Technology transfer, product and process relocation
  • Personnel management and personnel development, coaching and training