Management and Interim management

as CEO / COO / CTO / CRO

Creating Change for ... > Start-up > Growth > Turn-around > ROI


in Change and 

Crisis Situations

Every situation is different. I develop individual solutions, adapted to the respective industry branch, the financial situation and order intake, condition of production and supply chain, life phase of the company, personnel status, and all other relevant boundary conditions. To do this, I analyze the situation not only from the numbers-data-facts side, but also from the side of the people involved. In intensive discussions with all hierarchical levels, I understand the connections between the hard as well as the soft factors. My full commitment is to achieve your goals in the company!



Process Optimization

> for Start-up and Growth

> for a successful Turn-around

> for maximum Results

Method competence as Manager and Interim Manager

In order to achieve the goals, I can draw on a comprehensive toolbox of established methods in management, organization, leadership and processes.

Line Management

Project Management

Program Management

Process Optimization

Lean Management

Agile Methods

Leadership Structures

Change Management

Innovation Techniques

My toolbox contains a multitude of fine tools that I understand to use and combine as needed. With this, I have access to knowledge and skills born of many years of experience, which I can use efficiently and for your benefit in every situation. With a quick analysing and understanding of the situation, consequent action and effective implementation, I lead the restructuring to success.


Gaining an overview.

Cleaning up.

Creating structures.

Introducing processes.

Clarifying responsibilities.

Setting the course.

Leading the way.

Finding the right direction.

Reaching the people.

Getting things going.

Making the processes flow.

Leading by example.

Achieving goals.

Covering the Life Cycle of a Company


Start-up Phase

Professional accompaniment of the late start-up phase is necessary to ensure the structuring and transfer of the young organization into a functioning company. In this phase it is, however, important to maintain the spirit and drive of the founders and inventors despite the introduction of standardized processes.


Growth Phase

The product is on the market. Now it is important to establish the sales process on the one hand, and the volume production on the other hand, to align with one another, and finally to expand the reach on the market. The ever-increasing standardization of processes requires frequent adjustments also in the organization.


and Turn-around

Sometimes even a well-run company comes to a critical point. Being it market or product issues or internal structural problems, the business is no longer running. Now it is time to pull the cart out of the mud, to get the business back on track. An analysis is necessary, then a plan, and then a situation-appropriate restructuring.


the Return

With the operational processes now defined, fundamentally established and largely settled, it is now time to look for savings and ways to cut costs. Ensuring the return on investment (ROI) and continuous improvement of business results require an ever increasing  lean approach in all operational processes.